Red Wings December issue has arrived!

The latest Red Wings has arrived, despite the hot and windy days, and warm nights (a change for Canberra). It has some interesting holiday reading, including impressions of Common Dreams 4 conference in Brisbane, a moving speech by Emma Husar on domestic abuse; and some thoughts by the Dalai Lama on the fear of being unneeded. Other features include an insightful piece on “being busy”; a modern phenomenon, good news on aboriginal doctor trainees going back into the outback; and facts about the Dakota Access Pipeline. Enjoy!



In September this year, a group of St James’ members attended the Common Dreams conference in Brisbane. Many of us enjoyed the conference so much that Chris Lockley and others decided to hold an event at St James to relate to others some of our impressions and experiences.

Uncommon Thoughts was held on November 14th at St James Uniting Church under the auspices of the Centre for Progressive Religious Thought.

The three speakers at that event were Rev. Chris Lockley,  current minister at St James and St Margeret’s;   retired Uniting Church minister, Rev. Rex Hunt; and Daniel Mossfield, youth and child worker at Queenbeyan Uniting  Church.

Chris gave a paper entitled: “Practising a non-dualistic theology”.

Chris spoke of the concept SBNR (Spiritual But Not Religious) which was discussed at length at the conference, and then went on to discuss and expound on Polarity Theory in relation to the opposites, spiritual and religious, and what that might mean for the future.


Daniel Mossfield gave his impression of a paper called “Where did all the millennials go?” by Fred Plumer which was presented at the conference . He spoke of his own experience as a millennial in 2016 and his interaction with a group of peers at Queanbeyan.  Daniel’s talk is not available as yet, but here is the Plumer article which he discussed.


Rex’s paper, “IT’S NATURAL! A ‘FORGOTTEN ALTERNATIVE’ FOR PROGRESSIVE SPIRITUALITY” It gave an overview of Religious Naturalism, based on some of the papers and presentations given at Common Dreams by speakers such as Noel Preston, Jana Norman , Diana Butler Bass and Rob MacPherson.


Questions and discussion of the talks and papers followed with some interesting comments by participants in the audience.




During the Christmas and New Year period some services will be held at St James and others at Yarralumla and South Woden. There has been a tradition of sharing services between congregations during the early part of the New Year to allow clergy and congregations to take a well-earned break.

Please note the services at Yarralumla (1st January) and at South Woden (22nd January) will be at 9.30 a.m., while the St James service will be held at 10.30 a.m.



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