I am so Excited! Jan Huggett is coming to St James

Jan Huggett is leading next Sunday’s service 19 May 2013. Jan might be short in statue but she has a prophetic voice that comes from deep within. She speaks from the heart and from life’s experiences. Don’t miss Jan next Sunday.

Rev. Janis Huggett
Rev. Janis Huggett

Rev Janis Huggett

Rev. Janis Huggett is a retired Uniting Church minister who has served in diverse parish ministries and chaplaincies, as well as teaching in theological colleges, both in the USA and Australia.  American-born, she was ordained in the United Church of Christ in 1987 and received into the Uniting Church of Australia in 1988.  She became an Australian citizen in

1992 and has lived in Canberra since 2005.  Throughout her adult life Jan has been a tireless advocate for inclusivity and justice in church and society, particularly in regard to sexuality issues and the full equality of all persons.  In retirement Jan continues a ministry of prophetic and pastoral preaching, as well as mentoring other preachers and teachers.



when the rubber meets the road

Gay & Lesbian Choir visitng St James last year

Last Sunday morning service was led by John Campbell and Piers Booth. The service built around the call of all persons who are followers of Jesus, in the many ways the church can serve the world. During the service we had drama, story telling.

Perhaps the latter proved to be the highlight, with a story about two jungle friends, Elephant and Mouse, who were called to lead worship in their jungle congregation.

Uncomfortable questions

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth as Jenny Jarvis, one of St James’ finest liturgists, stood up to give the contemporary word on Sunday. Then she blew them out of the water with some very inconvenient truths and some very uncomfortable questions. The prodigal son story prompted an examination of family stories throughout the Old and New Testaments and examined them with a 21th century, feminist voice.  Prepare to squirm a little but be intrigued as you read, The Prodigal Son

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