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Uncomfortable questions

Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth as Jenny Jarvis, one of St James’ finest liturgists, stood up to give the contemporary word on Sunday. Then she blew them out of the water with some very inconvenient truths and some very uncomfortable questions. The prodigal son story prompted an examination of family stories throughout the Old and New Testaments and examined them with a 21th century, feminist voice.  Prepare to squirm a little but be intrigued as you read, The Prodigal Son

Hopping through the desert with Neil Millar

Unfortunately we were too enthralled with Neil’s long legs hopping and slithering through the desert to remember to take any photos! But it is enough to say, he got more than a few on their feet and the kids were champions in helping him out. Neil pointed out, as an aged care chaplain, he really doesn’t get much experience with children’s talks – but you wouldn’t know it.SAMSUNG

Neil Linked the temptations in the desert to 3 main personality types that afflict us all and it had a lot of people nodding with interest. You can read the whole sermon here
Neil Millar Lk 4 1-13 (2)

Evolution Sunday

Recreating the Scopes trial

This week is Darwin’s birthday so in celebration Aaron Harper enlsited the help of many people to present Evolution Sunday. There were poems, songs and a re-creation of parts of the Scopes Monkey Trial. In 1925 the State of Tennasee brought charges

The ‘prosecutor’

against a school teach for teaching evolution in a public school. Tnaks to everyone for making it such an interesting Sunday!

Bella recites the main theme of the affirmation