We come as we are

William and Michelle

Last Sunday at St James we baked a collective cake to celebrate 1 Corinthians 12:12-26. Each table added as they were able and the stirrers stirred – which means even the trouble-makers have something important to add. In the natural St James way, it took a while to get it all together and It took a lot longer to bake than expected. The finished product wasn’t perfect. It was a bit crumbly around the edges but by golly, It tasted good!! Aaron and friends really outdid themselves in a fun, interesting, challenging service. The liturgy and contenporary word can be found in Resources under Aaron Harper.

It ain’t over yet!!

The long weekend gave St James a small but select crowd.  The lucky few were invited into the scary world of transition. Taking some of the wisdom of Fr Michael Whelan and lacing it with Paul’s personal story, Jean’s journey and insight into planning and grieving the changes all small congregations are facing.  The service was based on the journey and the sermon on Fr Whelan’s messages from a wSAMSUNGeekend workshop:

  1. The human vocation is to find where God enters the world
  2. The pain I do not transform I will transmit
  3. Lazarus’ story  (and today’s story about the widow’s son) tells us it is never too late
  4. Religion without spirituality is dangerous – it becomes ideology
  5. The cross without the empty tomb is just another execution

You can read the contemporary word and liturgy under resources.

PS – there’s some really thought porvoking essays in resources. Check out some of the articles under guest speakers!

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