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St James Library (also known as Meg’s Library) is a collection of around 400 titles focussing on progressive Christian spirituality. Formed primarily from donations, the books are available for loan by congregation members and registered visitors.

Library Catalogue ST JAMES LIBRARY REPORT 2018 08 14

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Latest Library News:

Good News for the avid readers in our Community.

The following new books have been purchased for ‘Meg’s Library’ (the St James/CPRT Library) in the Brindabella Room.

Diana Butler Bass, Christianity after religion, 2012

Diana Butler Bass offers a fresh interpretation of the “spiritual but not religious” trend and shares a hope-filled vision for a renewed faith that stays true to the real message of Jesus.

Diana Butler Bass, The practicing congregation: imagining a new old church, 2004

In her provocative new book, historian and researcher Diana Butler Bass argues that there are signs that mainline Protestant churches are indeed changing, finding a new vitality intentionally grounded in Christian practices and laying the groundwork for a new type of congregation

Joseph A Bessler, A Scandalous Jesus: how three historic quests changed theology for the better, 2013

“With theological agility and clarity, Joe Bessler teaches us how three quests for the historical Jesus opened historic questions about dissent and free public discourse, about human struggle and diversity, and about the power of language to disorient and reorient.” — Kristine A. Culp, The University of Chicago

Dr Stuart Edsder, Being gay, being Christian: you can be both

Being Gay, Being Christian dispels the myths surrounding this topic and shows that being gay is neither a sickness nor a sin, but an orientation that is neither wilfully chosen nor wilfully changed, as integral to a person as their temperament, personality or intelligence. Author, well-known Newcastle Psychologist, gay man and Christian, Dr Stuart Edser argues passionately for church people to open their minds and show a willingness to discard older ways of thinking where more modern explanations reveal the truth more accurately.

David Galston, Embracing the human Jesus: a wisdom path for contemporary Christianity, 2012

Ecumenical Chaplain at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada,  a Fellow of the Jesus Seminar, and a United Church minister, David Galston’s  book is a sincere effort to think anew about Christianity and Christian practice on the foundation of a purely human Jesus.

Phillip Gulley, The Evolution of faith, 2011

Gulley a Quaker Minister and writer: “The future of Christianity will rest in our ability to make our spiritual boundaries more porous, welcome the wisdom of other faiths, and borrow the best from other spiritual traditions, even as we share with them the stories and insights of Christianity. This in no way dishonors the contributions of Jesus, but recalls his appreciation for those persons thought to be outside the circle of God’s favor.”

Phillip Gulley, If the Church were Christian, 2010
The largest group in American religious life may be the disillusioned—people who have been involved in the church, respect Jesus, but question what Christianity has become. In If the Church Were Christian Philip Gulley provides a profound picture of what the church could look like if it refocused on the priorities of Jesus.

John Smith and Rex Hunt, New life: rediscovering faith, stories from progressive Christians, 2013

Past St James Minister, Rex Hunt has jointly edited this book where lay people tell of their faith journey into progressive Christianity. It includes stories from St James members Ruth Doobov and Aaron Harper!


Contemporary words – Forget about the sermons you remember as a child. St James is a safe place to explore history, social context and questions in faith. This is the place where we share the musings, wonderings and qustions presented in services by visiting worship leaders and members of the congregation’s preaching roster.

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