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St James Quilt 3About St James Wellbeing Centre

The Wellbeing Centre is a place that promotes a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages. It supports playgroups, activities for older people, social, educational and exercise programs.

The Church Council at the Uniting Church of St James in Curtin has a policy of offering its Church Centre facilities for use by community groups. You can contact the Manager to arrange an inspection or make a booking.

Bookings and inquiries: Manager: Amelia Peisley, Ph: 6282 3363, Mobile: 0412 622 782

From Sunday 17 September till Tuesday 26th September 2017, for bookings and inquiries, please ring Evan on 0414 759 883.


                                                   Non Profit                 Commercial
Brindabella Room          $20 per hour            $22 per hour
Kinder Hall                         $23 per hour            $28 per hour
Main Hall                            $33 per hour            $40 per hour

The Centre supplies extra support for parents, families, older people, and carers by offering both useful information and practical living skills. It includes a variety of physical movement and exercise classes as well as catering for people of various ages including:

  • children and young adults
  • parents and carers of young children
  • older adults wishing to improve their level of fitness and have fun in the process. These programs involve a small fee.

What’s happening now

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Some of the current activities taking place in the centre:

Chocolate Bear Playgroup is committed to providing a caring, nurturing, stimulating and safe environment for children and for parents and carers to participate in and enjoy peer support.

We offer extra support for parents and carers in and beyond our playgroup by offering various Parent education programs, e.g. Nutrition information, Special interest discussions, First Aid courses etc.

Special Interest Sessions of Chocolate Bear Playgroup including the Young Mums Playgroup (which caters for under 25s) and Osito de Chocolat (The Spanish Playgroup).

Through the Centre we provide extra support to both these groups by encouraging the Young Mums group to participate in courses similar to those mentioned above, and by seeking external funding for the Spanish Playgroup and Spanish School to purchase culturally specific resources.

The Spiral Club offers socially based fun, physical and mentally stimulating activities for older people.St James Quilt 4

We facilitate other educational opportunities including improving mobility, discussion groups on dementia, enduring power of attorney, Advanced care plans, health and nutrition. The Wellbeing Centre works with The Spiral Club to offer opportunities to enjoy the outdoors with picnics, bus trips etc.

A progressive spiritual community, standing up for justice, for refugees, the homeless and the environment. A safe space for people regardless of gender, race, orientation or ability. Located in Curtin, ACT.