St James welcomes Ross Kingham

We are very pleased that Ross Kingham has come on board at St JamesĀ as a supply minister.


Below you can find his recent sermon on the importance of words, communication and hearing, and as a special treat, it also includes one of his poems.

I encourage you all to have a read by clicking the link below, and come along to hear the real thing in person at our inclusive and welcoming community.

Sermon 54 Matt 7 21-29 RK

One thought on “St James welcomes Ross Kingham”

  1. I am trying to make contact with my cousin Ross Kingham, who is the guy in the photo on this website. The email address I have for him did not get through. Can you please urgently contact Ross for me, and get him to email be back. My name is David Orames, at Wollongong

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