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Newsflash!! Lead a Horse to Drink

A great community concert and scrumptious afternoon tea will be held at St James Sunday 13 October at 3pm. The concert features the Shiny Bum Singers, Ukulele Republic of Canberra ans Encuentro. Sponsored by the St James Social Justice Group and all proceeds will go to Pegasus ACT (Riding for the Disabled). Tickets are $20 Adult; $15 concession & $60 for a family. Contact Evan for tickets 6285 1397.

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The shape of believeing

Last Sunday, we looked at creating and holding sacred spaces in our lives and at St James. We explored¬† the theology behind Dr Martin Luther King’s non violent movement and the march on Washington and then we looked at what theological worlds influence us and determine how we create our ownBowl2 spaces and how we see the Divine. If you are lucky, the link will work and you can find Jean Shannon’s liturgy and contemporary word here. If this doesn’t work, they are on the resources page under Jean Shannon.

Fathers’ Day, Spring and who is your neighbour

Last Sunday was such a beautiful day and we enjoyed Aaron’s lirturgy linking spring and fatehr’s day to social justice and progressive religious thought. We also welcomed new members to St James as well as putting out ‘special guests’ in their places. Here’s is the lirurgy and readings1 Sept 13 liturgy and here is the contemporary word.Celebrating Father’s Day You can also find them under resources.

It’s a question of perspective

Rev Kevin Dilks

Kevin Dilks has been reading some dangerous material lately. Last Sunday we talked about the work of Niel Douglas-Klotz which is not about translations so much (although that can be confusing enough) but about different ways of thinking. Language has a way of projecting cultural biases and when you tranlate into another language – you can also change the way we think about things. If you tanslate through a number of languages ie Aramaic to Greek – Greek to English, a lot can be lost. We looked at ‘I am the way..’ with a whole new filter. Kevin is going to continue this theme over the enxt few months so watch this space! Kevin’s notes are under resources/contemporary words and if you’re lucky, I managed to get the link here.